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23. May. 2009 Demo of the only known surviving copy of the Tintin Treasure Hunt game from 1970!
9. April. 2009 Asterix figures from BP produceret by Dargaud
15. Feb. 2009 Reisler girl scout ("591) sold for DKK 1520,-. See Auction Results.
31. Dec. 2008 "Bibliotek": Reisler library. So far containing 26 scanned catalogues, pricelists, and newsletters.  Most of the material, apart from the two catalogues, is new to the site.   HAPPY NEW YEAR !!
7. June 2008 Reisler: "Diverse legetøj". New section covering Reislers extensive programme of trolls and other toys from 1949-2007. In Danish.
12. May 2008 Pics of a rare original salesbox for camel riders. Thanks to Harald.
3. May 2008 Reisler/Elastolin: Section expanded. Truly unique original photos of Hausser figures manufactured partly by Reisler. Also new photos in colour. Whole section in English too. Section moved to upper line of tabs.
 20. Apr. 2008  "Reisler/Soldater" (55mm): Figure added (Ny-04), New pics and catalogue pages. "Salgsfoto", "Notes" and "Historie/Oprindelse"
12. Apr. 2008 Reisler: The greatest Reisler mystery: the stage coach. See new tab: "Cowboys/Diligencen"
8. Apr. 2008 Reisler: Aucion results from recent auctions added to "Guide".
2. Apr. 2008 Reisler/Tekno: New pics and info. Section moved upwards. Thanks to Karl-E (photo) and collector W.Gregersen.
21. Mar. 2008 Reisler: Hesteryttere - Nice and rare original Reisler photos of the riders of the R-series, both solo and grouped. New tabs: "Salgsfoto" and "Sortimenter".
16. Mar. 2008 Reisler: Historie/Messer - rare pics from Reisler's participating at trade fairs 1954-1968.
6. Mar. 2008 Reisler scouts. New tab: Notes
3. Mar. 2008 Reisler. Indians and cowboys. Posters. Cowboy #128 was changed in 1960 - see "Notes"
23. Feb. 2008 Reisler: HO
18. Feb. 2008 Reisler: Zoo animals
7.-10. Feb. 2008 Reisler zoo and farm animals: Pics of seven 'unknown' article numbers: Animals (Elastolin-import) and five zoo houses.  Original 1960's colour sales photos of the display boxes and more. See "Zoologiske dyr" and "Den danske bondegård".
3. feb. 2008 Krolyn: All pages in the section translated into English and four new superb pics by Leif Pedersen placed in the "Gallery".
29. Jan. 2008 Reisler 35 mm: new tabs: "Figuroversigt" and "Reisler/Tekno". Also in English. Thanks to gråbror and A.J.S.Andersen.
25. Jan. 2008 S.G.I.-Reisler: "S.G.I./Historie" updated and translated.  Ref.10 is new documentation regarding the relationship between Reisler and S.G.I. showing pics  of sales boxes that I have never seen in close ups before. Combined  with article numbers in pricelists pictures like that are essential when it come to describing Reislers production. This is the first of many pictures to be released from "gråbrors treasure box"  of  valuable Reisler photo documentation which I received following the recent closure of the factory.  See also "Reisler i dag", "Originalpak", and (in Danish). Many thanks to Danish collector "gråbror"
 21. jan. 2008 Reisler: Danish collector Funch showing pics of his collection. "Reisler/Udstilling". Thanks to him.
16. Jan. 2008 Krolyn: New tab "Historie" - very interesting article by Helge Scheunchen and some spectacular photos in the "Galleri" by Leif Pedersen..
Thank you both.
13. Jan. 2008 Reisler: In memory of John Reisler, who passed away on this day one year ago, the interview from june 1992 by Peter Cole is brought in  its full length. Thanks to Plastic Warrior magazine. See "Historie/Fabriksbesøg 1992".
6.-9. Jan. 2008 Reisler: new tab: "Import"  - imported toys from Elastolin, Dinky Toys, and Aurora,  distributed by Reisler in Denmark.
3. Jan. 2008 Reisler: Three new tabs under Reisler "Historie": about conflicts, exibitions and origin of early figures.
1. Jan. 2008 Reisler: Leif Pedersen  has contributed to the showcase with pictures of very rare Reisler stuff made in Sweeden! see "Reisler /Udstilling".
31. Dec. 2007 Reisler: New tab: "Nytårshilsner". 16 years of New Years greetings. From Legetøjstidende 1952-1968. See Reisler/Historie/Nytårshilsner.
(in Danish only).  Happy New Year !
29. Dec. 2007 Reisler: The relatively new soft plastic soldiers added. See "Soldiers/Notes"
Reisler Guards:  Musician with trompet in Tivoli-version added. Thanks to Anders Michael , Allan Andersen and tplolland.
28. Dec. 2007 Reisler: tab: "Udstilling" split into: "Udstilling" and "Diorama". New contributions added.
23. Dec. 2007 Reisler: "Galleri" split into two tabs: "Originalpak" and "Udstilling".
09. Dec. 2007 Reisler: Andre producenter/Import. Old ads by Britains, Timpo and other producers.
06. Dec. 2007 Reisler: Description of # 1038, most likely  the US Recoilless Rifle 75mm M20, originally described as a 20 mm canon, commented/corrected.
JAG: R.M.L. gun updated with pics of two of at least three versions produced. Original box shows a translation error which could lead to misunderstanding. Thanks to Per Finsted, Chakoten for commenting on these old errors.
11. Nov. 2007 JAG: Large expansion of the section. Footage from tplolland's remarkable collection has made it possible for me to show almost all the very/extremely rare figures produced by this company. Additionally, a photo of a display now allows collectors to identify nearly all figures hiding behind more than 80 article numbers  in the Small Soldiers Series. It may be the only existing documentation of its kind and quite sensational! The display is owned by Danmarks Legetøjsmuseum and shown by kind permission.
14. Okt. 2007 Reisler: Unpainted animals as giveaways in boxes of soap: Andet Reisler.
Can be seen both under "Reisler" and under the new "Giveaways"-section.
23. Sep. 2007 New to this site: Krolyn. This old Danish producer of metal figures is now represented on these pages by initiative of collector tplolland. List of common known and verified production almost fully illustrated. The figures often depict figures from literature, films and comic books. Updates to follow. English translation upon request.
JAG: section moved and can now be accessed from start page.
20.Aug. 2007 JAG: Pics of the early metal edition of the JAG stage coach found by a lucky collector on one of this weekends flea markets see "JAG galleri". "Hestetyper" revised accordingly to show types of horses chronologically.
S.G.I.: Rytterserien 1 revised (figs. 105 and 106).