Errors in article numbers:
The numbering of the scouts has been subject to some confusion. Below table shows why. Almost all the numbers in the 1955 catalogue differ from the corresponding ones from two other sources: The intro add in Legetøjstidende Oct. 1954 and Reisler Pricelist 1955. Most likely the catalogue page has been set up wrongly. Except from a (presumed) printing error re art. 508, the two other listings are identical.

According to this, the scout listings on this site refer to the two identical sources and not the 1955 catalogue! (Corrected per 6th of March 2008).


Oct. 1954
Oct. 1955
Oct. 1955
Green boy scouts:      
Sitting scout w. axe 501 501 503
Sitting scout w. kettle 502 502 502
Walking scout w. map 508 503 504
Walking scout w. patroul flag 504 504 501
Yellow boy scouts:      
Sitting scout w. axe 531 531 533
Sitting scout w. kettle 532 532 532
Walking scout w. map 533 533 534
Walking scout w. patroul flag 534 534 531
Wolf cubs:      
Running wolf cub w. flashlight 561 561 564
Running wolf cub w. map 562 562 563
Walking wolf cub w. signal horn 563 563 562
Walking wolf cub saluting 564 564 561
Girl scouts (Leaders of wolf cubs):      
Girl scout w. flashlight 591 591 591
Girl scout saluting 592 592 592
Scouts tent of white fabric* 3036 - -
*Whether this tent was ever produced is uncertain - it is not listed elsewhere.

      Unknown article numbers:

Article numbers with no description appear among the scouts in Reisler's pricelist of 1955. This is very unusual and the meaning is unknown. Here are some guesses:

As many scout figures reportedly were bought special painted by scout organizations for building dioramas the empty lines may have had something to do with such special ordering. A few wolf cubs and Girl scouts in blue uniforms exist and they appear to be genuine.

Planned but never realised extensions of the series is another possibility. The scouts were only produced a few years around 1954-1955.

Unfortunately it can be doubted that documentation exist which could solve this issue.


       The scouts in Reisler Pricelist of 1955.